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Help everyone look :)

Post  kodaic on Fri Mar 07, 2008 9:00 pm

Hey all,
Firstly let me introduce myself. Hi I am kodaic originally from uni 9 i have played there for a good year and a half and then retured ogame and now i have came back (i was top 2000) i know it isnt good but hey loll.

so now that we know eachother.

I was wondering if anyone close to the coords 5-322-11 thats me Smile
couse send me some recourses im not asking for much jsut somehting to help me get jump started to get espionage probes and heavy fighters to be able to raid and get a prophit and not a demolished ship. the sooner i can do that the sooner i can become a growing member for the alliance Smile

hope someone will come through for me. im mainly looking for crystal but everyhting is appreciated.

help me now ill help you later is my motto Smile


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